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Our Services

Hair and scalp care is our first priority. The services we offer provides you with minimal daily care with longevity for a professional look and/or just rocking your beautiful crown.


New Client Services

This is your very first service partnering with us. We go through the elements of your hair, the whys and why nots of the products you use and also the ones we use in salon. We rap about your hair goals now, in the future and how we will get there. We speak about your role at home with your hair care and our role in the salon. We then go through your routine explaining and showing you each step for better understanding of your hair and how to care for it. Click here to see our options 


Scalp Analysis

Dealing with thinning hair? Hair loss? Scalp issues that you can't seem to resolve? With this service we can help you determine your hair or scalp issue, we may be able to assist depending on the issue or we would refer you a dermatologist for more in depth treatment/care. Click her to book your appointment 

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Maintenance Services(Existing Clients)

This is for the loyals and follow-up clients after their initial service. For those who wish not to do their own hair at all, for those that are going through progressive treatments to get their hair back on track or for those who needs to check-in every 2-3 months to ensure they are on the right track or get assistance in correcting their routine/technique. Check out the services we offer.


Locs Care

Yes, locs need special care too and we got you covered. From regular maintenance to detox and repairs. We also keep the care minimal, no heavy products, butters or oils are added to your locs which means minimal build-up. Ready to level up your care? Click here

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Microlocs Services

This type of locs is becoming a popular trend. The start might be tedious and so might be the retighteneing but it is a low maintenance style that many enjoy. Interested? Click here to book a consultation.


Color Services

We offer a range of color services that gives you a pep in your step. All our color services includes Olaplex to protect the hair from possible damage during the color process. This service is offered to Existing clients. Ne clients require a consultation. Click here to book yours or feel free to ask a question using our contact form.

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