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Who We Are

Keeping it Natural!

Our Mission: To inspire healthy natural hair and scalp care habits through professional guidance and exceptional service. 

The love for taking care of natural hair started when I realize there was no dedicated place for someone who has textured hair. The idea of what our natural hair is and its versatility was rising. The mentality of persons are ever changing so it needed a place where persons can go to assist them with this change, this new way of enjoying their own hair.

In 2016 after much research and a growing passion for natural hair care, Mrs Delonne Brotherson started working with clients part-time assisting them with understanding their hair and using it to learn more about the different textures and how to care for them.​

In 2018, Mrs. Brotherson decided to enroll in Cosmetology School at Sole 2 Soul Cosmetology Academy right here in St. Kitts to get the fundamentals of hair care. She also pursuing her certification in Trichology (the study of hair loss and scalp diseases) because the health of her client’s hair and scalp care are her main priority.​

In January 2019 she added locs care to her resume, being trained in the art of making locs, repairs, twisting and styling by Mrs. Petra Matthew-Sam of Regal Expressions.​

As of September 1st, 2019, she has fully ventured into her business, with an aim to be a well-rounded natural hair specialist, providing an exceptional service and helping her fellow naturals to love their hair again.​

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